Temples of the Sun-Dodgers

A Sun-Dodger is a person who worships at the altar of Jazz.  Sun-Dodgers make up a large sect in Chicago, which derives most of its membership from individuals known as nighthawks, Loophounds, bon vivants, men-about-town, butter and egg men, and “suckers.”  The Sun-Dodger comes to life only when other people go to bed.  Members of this strange sect do not know the color of sunshine, but are plenty familiar with the various colors of moonshine.  In order to carry out their ritual, Sun-Dodgers visit the numerous gaudy and colorful Temples provided for them by wily High Priests in all sections of the city.

Handmaidens function in these Temples, going through dance steps which express in no uncertain terms the spirit of Jazz.  Strange liquids and potions are sipped by the devotees as they watch the handmaidens do their stuff in an atmosphere filled with the incense of cigarettes and cigars; or perhaps the Sun-Dodgers eat peculiar substances which, according to reports reaching the outside world, are said to be foods.  The whole ritual is presided over by a person known as a Master of Ceremonies.  Sometimes the Master is a woman, who addresses the devotees by their strictly technical title, “suckers.”

But the motivating force of the entire life of the Temple is a group of young demons who, sitting on a raised altar, blow into all sorts of odd silvered and golden instruments and beat tom-toms and strike various wood and metal objects, the effect of which causes the Sun-Dodger to fall into a fine frenzy (or over a table).  This is continued all night long until the first pink peek of dawn over the minarets of the Temple.  The Sun-Dodger is now ready to go home.  But before doing so he is required to pay tribute to the wily High Priest of the Temple for the privilege of partaking in the night’s ritual—which tribute takes the form of numerous slips of green paper.  Quite numerous, in fact.  But the devotee does not complain.  He goes home and crawls into bed—just when others are getting up.

Do you wish to join this happy and care-free sect?  There is plenty of room for new members.  In the following pages we have listed a few of the more worthwhile Temples where the Sun-Dodgers of the city and others worship the great god, Jazz.  The only requirement for admission is plenty of those slips of green paper.



Mack’s Club
Vanity Fair
Club Alabam
Club Ambassadeur
Casa Granada

Other Places in Which You Can Dine, Dance, and Be Entertained After the Theatre:

New College Inn
Bal Tabarin
Lincoln Tavern Town Club
Casa de Alex
Terrace Garden
Venetian Room
Marine Dining Room
Golden Pumpkin Inn
Canton Tea Garden
Fleur De Nor
Turkish Village Café
Show Boat
Grand Terrace Café
Club Casanova
Music Box
Via Lago
The Limehouse
Club Bagdad
C and O Barbecue
El Harem
The Vogue Café

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