Dining in Bohemia

Tower Town, the Greenwich Village or the Latin Quarter of Chicago, lies across the river on the near north side.  It derives its name from the old Chicago Avenue water tower, an historic landmark at Chicago Avenue and Upper Michigan Avenue, in the center of the district.

What its boundaries are, it is hard to define; some aspects of it are found in the elegant precincts of the Gold Coast north of Division Street, but it is safe to assume that Tower Town life does not definitely get under way until after Division Street is crossed southward; parts of it are also found west of Clark Street; at its lower end, it jumps Michigan Avenue and goes eastward into Streeterville, that area of ritzy apartment hotels; on the south it ends abruptly at Grand Avenue.  State Street is the main north-south highway through it, and Chicago Avenue bisects it from east to west.

Now that you have a more or less geographical layout of Tower Town, the rest is up to you.  We offer you the following selection of curious and quaint and foreign eating places in Tower Town with the hope that, somewhere among them, you will find that elusive something which causes people to go to Greenwich Village in New York or to the Latin Quarter in Paris.  Anyway, we hope you have a good time.



Ravenna Restaurant
Margherita Italian Restaurant
North Star Inn
A Bit of Sweden
La Rosetta
Café Kantonese
Seven Arts
Southern Tea Shop
Torino Italian Restaurant
Tower Town Tea Room
K-9 Club
The Walton Tea House
Dill Pickle Club
Sunrise Sea Food Grotto
Bob’s Coffee Shop
La Rue’s Dining Room
Ship’s Café
Casa De Alex
Gondola Inn
Old Venice Café
Blackthorn Tavern
Round Table Inn
Southern Tea Shop
Amber Pie
Casa Lago
Chez Doré
Erie Inn
Hungarian Restaurant
Holland Tea Room
The Little Garden
Eastgate Grill
Colonial Tea Shop
G T Restaurant
Virginia Dining Room
Victor House
Subway Café
The Phalanstery

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