Grand Terrace Café

3955 South Parkway* From page 252 in the chapter The Great Black Way: Swankiest of the Blackbelt night clubs, and one of the oldest.  It is richly furnished and there is plenty of room for black, white, and intermediate shades.  The floor show is elaborate and contains some of the most attractive colored chorines** west … Continue reading

Casa de Alex

58 East Delaware Place From pp. 190-191, Dining in Bohemia: The atmosphere and food of old Madrid—and the dance music of these United States.  Don Alexander, the proprietor, a big dark Spaniard, knows lots of people in town, having been manager of the extinct Samovar Café in South Michigan Avenue.  The standard American dishes are … Continue reading

Club Ambassadeur

226 East Ontario Street A real sun-dodgers Mecca, east of Michigan Avenue and but five minutes from the Loop.  The boys and girls call it a “hot spot.”  It occupies one of those old mansions and is very cozy and intimate.  Jimmie Noone and his orchestra provide the music for the floor shows—and for you.  … Continue reading