Among the Literati

There are as many literary gangs in Chicago as there are underworld gangs.  Saturday is the big day in the week for these literary gangsters; they foregather at “round tables” in numerous restaurants, clubs, hotel dining rooms, tea shops, alley studios, and basement coffee shops and talk about everything but literature.

The Schlogl gang, which we told you about on page 26 is the most famous of them all.  Here, most of the significant Chicago authors eat or have eaten, and here it is that practically all visiting literary notables from the world at large are invited to lunch.

There are numerous writing groups, however, which do not meet in public restaurants, but organize into clubs and provide their own quarters.  Among these are the Tavern, with such well-known literary members as Charles Collins, Ashton Stevens, Wallace Rice, Henry Kitchell Webster, and Hobart C. Chatfield-Taylor; the Cliff Dwellers, with the benevolent figure of Hamlin Garfield hovering over it; the Midland authors, occupying a private dining room provided by Ernest Byfield and Harlan Ware, officials of the Hotel Sherman and writers themselves; and the Press Club, where the veteran novelist, Opie Read, and his cronie, Al Dunlap, an editor, as well as a host of other typewriter pounders, hold forth.

Newspapermen of today may be the authors of tomorrow.  So we have included in the following list of literary eating places a few of the restaurants where the boys from Newspaper Row do their eating and talking.



The Dutchroom
New Tivoli
Café Royale
Rutz’s Coffee Shop
Garden of Italy
Anna Lyon Tea Shop
The Corona Café
Heinly’s Grill
Quinn’s Grill
Studio Tea Shop

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