King George’s

4809 South State Street Here is the big thrill in the Blackbelt.  King George (Mr. William Hale Thompson* please note), is none other than the eminent Mr. George Oglesby, the barbecue king, who learned how to cook barbecue meat in the hills of Tennessee.  Theatrical people, diners-out from the Loop, politicians, and policemen from the … Continue reading


3708 Indiana Avenue A white-tiled counter, a table lunch room, and quite a few Southern dishes, prepared by an expert chef.  Here are Southern fried chicken with rice, black-eyed peas with salt pork, turnip greens and ham, fried corn and bacon, sausage and fried apples, red beans and rice.  Southern hash and hominy grits, barbecue … Continue reading

Duck Inn

4845 South Parkway* Mrs. Elier Richardson, a large, amiable colored woman and an expert cook, is proprietor of this dining room on the first floor of an old mansion.  Her fried chicken à la Richardson is delicious and done to a turn; so are the roast duck, the frogs’ legs, scallops, hot biscuits, waffles, butterscotch pie … Continue reading