Grand Terrace Café

3955 South Parkway*

From page 252 in the chapter The Great Black Way:

Swankiest of the Blackbelt night clubs, and one of the oldest.  It is richly furnished and there is plenty of room for black, white, and intermediate shades.  The floor show is elaborate and contains some of the most attractive colored chorines** west of Harlem, as well as lively tap dancers and vaudeville teams.  Music is furnished by Hines’ band, which is nothing if not “hot.”  Saturday night is the big night at the Grand Terrace.  Many of the patrons are white, this place being too expensive for the hordes of Negro nighthawks, but there are enough dusky damsels and high-brown gentlemen to give the place color.  Ed Fox is manager.  Douglas 3600.

From page 248 in the chapter Temples of the Sun-Dodgers:

A lively black-and-tan*** in the heart of the south side Blackbelt.  Ed Fox is impresario.  All-colored floor shows and the best in town.  Earl Hines’ band.  Wealthy people come here.

* South Parkway was re-named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drive in 1969.

** Chorus girls

*** Allowing both black and white patrons

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