The Phalanstery

915 Rush Street

Both the soul and the body is fed at the Phalanstery, a small restaurant featuring sea foods and lectures on life and letters.  It is conducted by Jack Ryan, a well-known Tower Towner, and his wife, and offers sandwiches, coffee, and a variety of sea foods on its menu.  The Phalanstery was the name of the edifice in which the community of the Fourierites lived in France.*  Local writers and philosophers lecture at Ryan’s establishment on Saturday evenings.

What’s there now

* Usually, I’m not too keen on using Wikipedia as a source, but their article about “Phalanstère” is too weird not to link to, particularly their early diagram of a phalanstère.  If Wikipedia is to be believed, Drury got it wrong in the restaurant guide.  Charles Fourier never built a phalanstère, just had the idea.
Welcome to the end of the first completed chapter of The Restaurant Project!  If I remembered to go back and get a shot of G T Restaurant, which I missed the first time around, this should be the last entry in the chapter Dining in Bohemia, pp. 183-197 of the book.  Check out our full chapter guide with interactive map.
So now we’ve seen where the hipsters of 1931 used to hang.  Up next is the chapter Among the Literati, where we see where the newspapermen and writers of the day used to grab their grub.
CORRECTION: Up next is The Great Black Way, a look at the black-owned jazz clubs, restaurants and night clubs of Chicago’s South Side. Check out the first of the restaurants from that chapter. I changed up the order because I had to be in Englewood anyway for a story for my other blog, 1,001 Chicago Afternoons.
Also, I never got around to adding G T Restaurant. I moved last week, so I’ve been busy. Piss off.

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