Colonial Tea Shop

619 Rush Street Luncheon 50 cents and dinner 75 cents, and a steady clientele.  Another tea room occupying an old residence.  This one is interesting, with its many rooms and ornate wooden stairways.  Delaware 0956. What’s there now

Eastgate Grill

162 East Ontario Street Not only do residents of the Eastgate Hotel eat here, but many others from the surrounding neighborhood partake of the commendable Eastgate board.  Open for breakfast, luncheon, dinner, and after-the-theatre.  The steaks and chops and sandwiches seem to make the biggest hit.  Superior 3580. What’s there now

Holland Tea Room

  157 East Ontario Street We don’t know why this place is called the Holland Tea Room, since no Dutch dishes are served here.  The menu is a regular American tea room menu.  Although disappointed in not finding any Dutch dishes, we were not disappointed in the quality of the cooking.  Open for luncheon and … Continue reading

Erie Inn

153 East Erie Street Occupying the former location of the Vassar House and conducted by the former manager of said Vassar House.  A quiet, refined place for luncheon, tea, or dinner.  You will not be disappointed in the food.  Delaware 2334. What’s there now

Casa Lago

213 East Superior Street Occupying an old town residence east of the Avenue.  Italian foods and hearty Italian hospitality at the hands of John Luccaci, well-known restaurateur of the near north side and former proprietor of the Old Venice Café on Dearborn Street.  Open late and prices easy on your budget.  Lots of newspaper people … Continue reading

Round Table Inn

57 East Chicago Avenue Another Godsend to the poor artists and writers of the quarter.  Located in the basement of the Vogel & Company grocery store.  You walk through the store, pass behind the counter, and enter a door leading to the basement.  No fancy decorations, but all is clean and fresh and intimate.  There … Continue reading

Old Venice Café

755 North Dearborn Street Another Italian place, in the basement of the historic Rice Hotel.  Here for three or four years, the Old Venice has maintained its prestige by reason of the excellence of its cooking and the atmosphere of conviviality.  It is open until late at night and you may dance to the music … Continue reading

Gondola Inn

837 North State Street French and Italian cooking.  One flight up.  Open for luncheon and dinner.  Prices within the means of near north siders who live in rooming houses.  The spaghetti is good. What’s there now A closer view