La Rue’s Dining Room

900 Rush Street The opposite of Bob’s Coffee Shop.  Being the main dining room of the Maryland Hotel, La Rue’s is dignified and rather elegantly furnished with oak panelled walls and gay lighting fixtures and the like.  Steaks and chops are popular here, as well as the pastries.  Open for breakfast, luncheon, and dinner.  Superior … Continue reading

Amber Pie

118 East Superior Street One of the first of the tea shops on the near north side.  The little old frame house it occupies is a familiar sight to strollers along Upper Michigan Avenue.  The food is carefully prepared, wholesome, and varied.  The Misses Helm, who established this place over ten years ago, are known … Continue reading

Victor House

9 East Grand Avenue Italian restaurants are as thick on the near north side as cats in Siam.  Here is another one.  The Victor House, however, is one of the more important ones, having quite a few patrons from among the ranks of local politicians and city office holders.  And where politicians eat you can … Continue reading

Chez Doré

212 East Erie Street This French restaurant gets most of its patrons from the studios, office buildings, and business establishments east of the Avenue.  Like so many of the restaurants on the near north side, Chez Dore is also in an old town house.  Luncheon and dinner ($1.50) are served and the foods, cooked by … Continue reading

The Little Garden

160 East Ontario Street Another tea room, rather quaint and interesting.  Occupying a little house at the rear of a garden.  New England atmosphere and food and such.  Open for luncheon, tea, and dinner.  Restful and away from the noises of the street. What’s there now

Virginia Dining Room

Rush and Ohio Streets Old-fashioned atmosphere and old-fashioned food.  Being old fashioned, the food is fresh, wholesome, and skillfully prepared.  This is the main dining room of that old landmark of the near north side, the Virginia Hotel, built shortly before the World’s Fair of 1893.  A unique feature of the room is the huge, … Continue reading

Sunrise Sea Food Grotto

901 Rush Street Where the near north side eats its sea foods.  All kinds of finny edibles during their respective seasons.  One reason this place is so popular is that it is open all night.  You never know at what hour of the night you are likely to feel in a mood for oysters or … Continue reading


1004 North Clark Street Although a standard American white-tiled lunch room and restaurant, Ricketts has always been a favorite eating place of many of the bohemians of Tower Town.  Perhaps this may be due to the fact that it is open all night—and you know how bohemians like to sit around over their coffee and … Continue reading