The Walton Tea House

75 East Walton Place A pleasant tea room with New England atmosphere, occupying a cottage.  Foods are wholesome and the cooking plain.  The butterscotch pie is delicious.  Luncheons are 5 cents.  There are a few specialties at dinner.  Delaware 2024. What’s there now What the sign says

Hungarian Restaurant

637 North Michigan Avenue Hungarian goulash, chicken paprika, rolled cabbage, sausages, and other dishes that people eat in Budapest await your palate here.  It is not a fancy place; just a collection of chairs and tables and a few pictures on the walls.  But the dishes are good and substantial and the prices not the … Continue reading

Bob’s Coffee Shop

905 Rush Street A Godsend to those Tower Towners who are more lean of purse than others—and there are plenty of the former. Here you will see poor poets and painters, of both genders, eating Bob’s 35 cent luncheons and 50 cent dinners. The food is plain and home cooked and just the thing to … Continue reading