942 Rush Street Established by Edward B. Ballantine, formerly of the exclusive Casino Club.  The steaks and chops served here rate high in quality, and the other dishes are of no small merit. Open for breakfast, luncheon, dinner, and after-the-theatre.  Both a la carte and table d’hote service.  The front portion of the restaurant contains … Continue reading

Southern Tea Shop No. 2

47 East Oak Street A quiet and charming tea room in a brownstone front, where prices are very reasonable and the colored waitresses are polite and attentive.  Such specialties of the Southland as Southern fried chicken, date torte, and hot Southern biscuits are popular items on the menu.  The table d’hote luncheon is 50 cents … Continue reading

Southern Tea Shop No. 1

745 Rush Street First of the chain of tea shops founded by Miss Annie Sara Bock.  Luncheons 50 cents and dinners 75 cents.  Southern atmosphere, intelligent colored waitresses, and a few Southern dishes.  The food in general is very good. Many of the newspapermen, artists, and musicians who live in the studios over the tea … Continue reading

Tower Town Tea Room

43 East Oak Street Luncheons and dinners at prices within the means of those who live in the many studios and rooming houses of the near north side.  The food served here has its merits and the waitresses are alert and civil.  Delaware 2047. What’s there now View two

Torino Italian Restaurant

104 East Oak Street Another eating parlor occupying an old residence.  A stone’s throw from Lake Shore Drive, the Torino has its share of the beau monde * among its patrons.  Italian dishes, as you may readily guess, are offered here.  It is open until late at night and is most crowded after the theatre.  … Continue reading

La Rosetta

1045 Rush Street Occupying an old mansion, La Rosetta has been here for a long time. And there’s a reason.  Excellent Italian and French dishes, and the personality of the great Gino himself, have been the factors which built up this establishment’s clientele—some of whom are Gold Coasters. T he atmosphere is dignified and Continental … Continue reading

Casa de Alex

58 East Delaware Place From pp. 190-191, Dining in Bohemia: The atmosphere and food of old Madrid—and the dance music of these United States.  Don Alexander, the proprietor, a big dark Spaniard, knows lots of people in town, having been manager of the extinct Samovar Café in South Michigan Avenue.  The standard American dishes are … Continue reading

Café Kantonese

1005 Rush Street Chinese cuisine in a small place that is modern and colorful in decoration rather than Chinese.  No teakwood tables or mother-of-pearl furniture.  Here, the bohemians eat plenty of chop suey and chicken chow mein when they have the price—which isn’t often. What’s there now

K-9 Club

105 East Walton Place An odd sort of a place, serving luncheons, dinners, and after-theatre suppers—in fact, any kind of meal any time of day or night.  The luncheons are 35 cents.  Stenographers from the Palmolive Building on Michigan Avenue come here, as well as clerks and taxi drivers.  It is alleged to be an … Continue reading