A Bit of Sweden

1011 Rush Street

One of the quaintest and most charming of the many foreign restaurants in Tower Town.  It is a high-class Swedish peasant restaurant and the foods are delicious and wholesome.  You help yourself to all the appetizers you want—sardines, herring, cheese, olives, celery, salad—from the smorgasbord, or Swedish hors d’oeuvres table.  Prices are reasonable and luncheon and dinner are served.  The room is appropriately decorated with Swedish objets d’art and the blonde waitresses are in costume.  Delaware 1492.

What’s there now

One Response to “A Bit of Sweden”
  1. Sharon Bookwalter says:

    I remember eating here several times in the early 1950s with my grandmother and family. I would eat so much from the smorgasbord that my brother, the bottomless pit, would have to finish my entree. I remember sliced cucumbers with dill in sour cream, so different from anything my Irish mother made at the time, and all the pickled herring my little tummy could hold. It was a very long time ago, so I’m not sure how accurate my memories are, but I recall a dimly lit and rustic tone. I don’t recall the wait staff at that time, whether they were still costumed and blonde, but I was very focused on the food.

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