Ravenna Restaurant

1205 North La Salle Street

Hungarian food and atmosphere.  Like a little café in old Budapest.  No artificial “scenery” but the atmosphere is as Hungarian as the delightful goulash that Gene Ziegler serves.  Popular among the bohemians of Tower Town, newspapermen, artists, and visiting Hungarian theatrical stars.  Pen portraits of many of the celebs who visit here line the walls.  Real Hungarian gypsy musicians play the tunes of Franz Liszt and other Continental composers, as well as Hungarian folk ballads, from 6 P.M. to 2 A.M.  Gene Ziegler, the hearty proprietor, sometimes cooks savory specialties himself, as does Bill, the popular head waiter.  Naturally, such Hungarian dishes as chicken paprika, rolled stuffed cabbage, sausage, and goulash, are served better here than elsewhere in the town.  There is a 65 cent table d’hote dinner.  Lincoln 1702.

What’s there now

A better view of the area

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