North Star Inn

15 West Division Street Another Italian place, here for many years. Occupies an old one-story stucco house.  Small-time actors and actresses from the nearby Claridge Hotel, newspapermen, artists, and couples stealing away from formal dances at the Drake Hotel, come here during the late hours. One section has tables and the other cozy booths. Ask … Continue reading

A Bit of Sweden

1011 Rush Street One of the quaintest and most charming of the many foreign restaurants in Tower Town.  It is a high-class Swedish peasant restaurant and the foods are delicious and wholesome.  You help yourself to all the appetizers you want—sardines, herring, cheese, olives, celery, salad—from the smorgasbord, or Swedish hors d’oeuvres table.  Prices are … Continue reading

Margherita Italian Restaurant

1121 North State Street Good spaghetti and ravioli from the hands of a chef who knows his business.  Not a few debs and their boy friends from the Gold Coast nearby are seen here nightly.  There is a seven course table d’hote dinner for $1.00.  Cuisine Francaise et Italienne.  One flight up.  Delaware 0466. What’s … Continue reading

Ravenna Restaurant

1205 North La Salle Street Hungarian food and atmosphere.  Like a little café in old Budapest.  No artificial “scenery” but the atmosphere is as Hungarian as the delightful goulash that Gene Ziegler serves.  Popular among the bohemians of Tower Town, newspapermen, artists, and visiting Hungarian theatrical stars.  Pen portraits of many of the celebs who … Continue reading

Blackthorn Tavern

51 East Chicago Avenue An old English tavern in the basement of Younker’s retail and wholesale grocery store, “west of the water tower.”  Rough walls, hewn oak beams, leaded glass windows, benches around the walls, Windsor chairs, and rough-topped oak tables.  Pieces of old china, brass, and copper, as well as sporting prints and trophies … Continue reading

Ship’s Café

913 Rush Street Probably one of the craziest—and therefore popular—eating establishments in Chicago.  You may carve your initials into the wooden table top if you like.  Glossy photographs of movie stars decorate the walls.  Triangular flags drip from all parts of the ceiling like icicles.  Real candles sputter on the tables.  Portholes adorn the walls.  … Continue reading

Seven Arts

12 1/2 West Delaware Place Here is bohemia—if you must have it.  This is a typical Tower Town forum, located on the second floor of an old stable at the rear of a garden.  Lectures are held here on Saturday and Sunday nights.  Anyone may go—if he pays the small admission charge.  But the point … Continue reading

Club Ambassadeur

226 East Ontario Street A real sun-dodgers Mecca, east of Michigan Avenue and but five minutes from the Loop.  The boys and girls call it a “hot spot.”  It occupies one of those old mansions and is very cozy and intimate.  Jimmie Noone and his orchestra provide the music for the floor shows—and for you.  … Continue reading

Dill Pickle Club

18 Tooker Place Are there people living here who haven’t heard of the Dill Pickle Club?  What Mecca is to a Mohammedan the Dill Pickle Club is to the bohemians of Chicago—and to those who merely come to see the bohemians.  It is a center of night life activities in Tower Town and is the … Continue reading

Marshall Field’s

State Street, between Randolph and Washington Most widely known and elegant of the shopper’s tea rooms on State Street is the Narcissus Fountain Room,* on the seventh floor of the world-famed Marshall Field and Company department store.  In decoration, atmosphere, service, and foods, it is on par with any dining room of a first-class Michigan … Continue reading